Pageants require a lot of planning, preparation and all-around work. With so many moving parts, it’s understandable that one often overlooked detail is acquiring a photographer to capture images of the event as it unfolds. But the benefits of having this collection of photographs make it one of the more important factors of the entire event.

We promise to represent your business in a professional manner, as we are an extension of your business during that event. Our goal is to always make contestants and guest feel at ease while capturing candid and posed shots alike. Thought this process we will set expectations and follow through on those promises.

Why hire a professional event photographer for next pageant?

These days, virtually everyone has a camera available all the time on their smartphones. That can be handy in a pinch, but it’s a poor solution if you want good results.

FOCUS. We have only one task — get great photos. We are not there to socialize or otherwise take part in the event.

RESULTS. Our years of experience and high quality equipment give us the tools to provide better results.

TIMING. As a professional we know how to time the perfect moments so no one is blinking, making weird faces or look unflattering. 

KNOWLEDGE. With over 25+ years in the pageant industry we have experience when it comes to the interworking of a pageant event.

CREATIVITY. Framing the photo and having a creative eye allows for us to capture interesting and engaging moments.

QUALITY. High-quality images will make your press release and advertising efforts more appealing to potential contestants and sponsors. 

Our Services

Digital Gallery

Our team is comprised of over 25 years of experience shooting events!

Facial Recognition

With the assistance of our facial recognition software we can quickly get photos to your contestants. 


We can capture the essence of you pageant throughout the evening from Fitness to Gown to Crowning. 


Capture each contestants personal style for interview. This mini shoot for each contestant is one they will love. 

Special Events

Does your pageant have more events than just stage competition? Let us capture those special moments from orientation to formal dinners.

Branding Session 

While everyone is still glowing from their crowning moment, follow up with professional crown & group shots of your newly crowned queens. 

We have worked with some of the Top Pageant Events in the industry.

As a state director throughout the years for prestigious organizations such as Miss United States, Miss Cosmos USA, and High School America creating a top-notch production and an experience our contestants will never forget is of the utmost importance to me. Goodwin Photography does an exceptional job at not only capturing fantastic onstage photos and behind the scenes moments but providing directors with quality photos to use in branding efforts throughout the year. Not to mention her photo uploading system provides contestants their images in record time making their experience next level! 

– Summer Saylor