A beautifully executed event will give current and future contestants and sponsors a great impression of your pageant and could be the very thing that inspires them to join in on the excitement. And with that much at stake, we know you will want your event photography to be as amazing as the pageant itself. 

We promise to represent your business in a professional manner, as we are an extension of your business during that event. Our goal is to always make contestants and guest feel at ease while capturing candid and posed shots alike. Thought this process we will set expectations and follow through on those promises.

What you receive as a Director:

  • A crown shot branding session of your newly crowned Queens
  • Access to all contestant purchased event images to be used for your pageants branding and marketing efforts.
  • Access to all crowning & award images to be used for your pageants branding and marketing efforts.

Minimal Requirements from Directors:

  • Communication and enforcement of NO photography or flash photography allowed during the mandatory and non-mandatory portions of the competition. The includes, but is not limited to smart phones, video cameras, and DSLR cameras.
  • For your event, we require a minimum of 30 Contestants to photograph your event with one shooter. Any event with over 50 contestants will have a second shooter. If your event has less than 30 contestants please speak to us directly for other options. 
  • Should your event last more than 6 hours and be over 2 hours away from our home base one hotel room must be covered. This would include any additional fees, taxes, parking, etc. 
  • For pageants more than 8 hours away from our home base a flight and transportation to host hotel for 1-2 people
  • Recognition as “Official Pageant Photographer” in all marketing and advertising efforts by the pageant include, but are not limited to, Website Sponsor Page, Social Media, Emails, Event Booth and Stage Announcement.

If you decide to invest in professional photography, here are some ways you can get the most out of your investment:

  • Let the photographer know How you plan on using the photographs, this will help us compose the image w/ your intentions in mind
  • Introduce the photographer to the venue or event planner
  • Provide them with a detailed schedule for the event(s)
  • Note the times/places of the key occurrences that are important to you
  • Indicate specific key individuals or items to be photographed — sometimes, it’s obvious (the speaker! the honored guest!), other times, less obvious (a major donor, a board chairperson, etc.)
  • Designated areas allowed/not allowed
  • Provide a shot list if applicable 
  • Lighting is essential make sure you stage is well lit with professional lighting. If not, it could affect the quality of your photos 

We offer a 3-tiered pricing structure for your contestants:

Contestant Orders Placed Approximately 2 Months Before Orientation$149
Contestant Orders Placed Approximately 1 Month Before Orientation$199
Contestant Orders Placed After Orientation$250

Pricing Includes: Instant Waldo Facial Recognition* for Mandatory Competitions, Registration, & Orientation. Pricing does NOT include photos from Non-Mandatory Portions of Competition which are $50/each. There is also a $12 Online Processing Fee. All unpaid quotes & invoices will be adjusted on the dates listed above. Galleries will be available for purchase up to 6-months post pageant.

*minimum number of contestants required for this feature.