Goodwin Photography is excited to be the Official Photographer for your upcoming Pageant. Please remember there will be NO photography or flash photography allowed during the mandatory and non-mandatory portions of the competition. It includes but is not limited to smartphones, video cameras, and DSLR cameras.

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After completing your pageants form and payment, please visit our Waldo Page for more information and FAQs.

2022 Nationals

June 29 – July 2, 2022 • Franklin, Tennessee

Order Before June 29 – $169

Order After June 29 – $250

Pricing Includes Mandatory Competitions & Optionals (a value of $50/each). There will be a $12 Online Processing Fee. All unpaid quotes & invoices will be adjusted on the dates listed above. Outstanding quote/invoice pricing to be adjusted during business hours.

Programs We’ve Worked With

We have had the pleasure to work with several amazing pageant programs over the years:

  • America’s Ideal Miss (IDEAL)
  • America’s Ideal Miss (IDEAL) Arkansas
  • America’s Ideal Miss (IDEAL) Tennessee
  • America’s Majestic Miss (AMM) Southeast Region
  • America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization (ANTSO)
  • Americas Elegant Miss
  • Cosmos International Pageants
  • Cosmos International Pageants North Carolina
  • Cosmos International Pageants South Carolina
  • International Junior Miss (IJM)
  • Miss Collegiate USA
  • Miss District of Columbia Teen USA
  • Miss District of Columbia USA
  • Miss Florida Teen USA
  • Miss Florida USA
  • Miss Teen America
  • Miss Tennessee America
  • Miss United States National Pageants
  • Miss Virginia America
  • Miss Virginia Teen USA
  • Miss Virginia USA
  • Ultimate International Miss (UIM)
  • Ultimate International Miss (UIM) Tennessee

If you wish to order photos AFTER, the event packages are $350 + $50 per optional.